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Dear Authors,

Self-publishing requires a number of skills including writing, editing, proofreading, book cover design, book title creation (naming and branding), book formatting for print and ebooks, pricing, etc. And the marketing of a book also involves some specialized skills such as website creation, marketing copywriting, press releases and PR activities and social media promotion.

There are resources listed on this website that can help you do this yourself, or work with companies that provides many of those services. 

Personally, I have managed the entire process of self-publishing books for a number of clients. This includes all aspects from the very beginning to the very end, and I have helped many authors avoid costly mistakes along the way. Just the pricing alone of your book can lead to its failure in the marketplace, even if you do everything else right.

And, of course, the book cover design is very important, and getting good reviews is also very important. 

I am a published author and ghostwriter myself and have been involved in publishing for over 13 years, including working with many of the big Five publishing houses and many successful authors.

I have worked as a developmental editor and as an art director for book cover design. I have been a book shepherd guiding the entire publication process from manuscript development to printed book, whether it be an e-book or a printed book. I  also consult on book projects and act as a project manager for book publishing.

I have created branding and marketing strategies for publishing companies and authors. I have designed and developed author and book websites such as:

My services include:

  • Book Concept Development
  • Publishing Consulting
  • Manuscript Evaluation
  • Ghostwriting
  • Story Development 
  • Publication & Distribution
  • Book Titles & Subtitles
  • Branding & Naming
  • Book Pricing for eBooks and Print Books
  • Book Positioning for the Marketplace
  • Book Cover Design (working with a graphic designer)
  • Publishing (eBook or Print or Print on Demand)
  • Author & Book Websites
  • Book Launch Campaigns
  • Online Book Marketing

Best regards,

Joan Holman

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Joan Holman Book Development, Book Marketing, Television Production

Book Development from Start to Finish -- Joan Holman is the author of "Hands That Touch, Hands That Heal," the biography of massage pioneer Sister Rosalind Gefre. Joan wrote, developed and came up with the book title for this book. She also worked with a co-designer to create the book cover design of this book. And she managed the publishing, distribution and marketing of the book. Joan secured respected Christian distributor Faithworks to distribute the book and both she and Sister Rosalind have done a number of book signings and appearances and radio interviews. A true pioneer of therapeutic massage, Sister Rosalind began practicing massage when it was associated with "massage parlors" and the sex industry, a fact that created controversy and difficulties for her not only with her own religious community, but with the secular community as well. Sister Rosalind has been recognized by Time Magazine as one of the early proponents of massage in the United States. Today there are five Sister Rosalind Schools of Massage and seven Sister Rosalind Massage and Wellness Centers and Massage Clinics located in two states.  Over 10,000 people have taken Sister Rosalind massage classes since the opening of her first school in 1984 and she has received widespread recognition for her important role in making massage an accepted and respected healthcare practice.


Joan Holman Was A Book Development Consultant for the Book"Dear Success Seeker" and Secured An Exclusive Interview for the Book with Gayle King (see photo at left) as Well as the Involvement of Many Women Celebrities and History-Makers

Joan Holman was a book consultant for the development and promotion of  "Dear Success Seeker: Wisdom from Outstanding Women" by Michele Wright, Ph.D. Joan is also featured in the book, which is a collection of "success letters" and advice from 85 diverse women, and she secured a large number of noteworthy women to be featured in the book and her work on the book was instrumental in securing Simon & Schuster as the publisher. 

Women Celebrities / History Makers / Leaders / Luminaries

The foreword to the book is written by philanthrophist, educator and producer Camille Cosby, wife of actor Bill Cosby. Joan secured an interview with Gayle King (Editor at Large for O, The Oprah Magazine and a regular personality on the Oprah Show) for the book as well as participation by many women leaders throughout the United States. The book features Phylicia Rashad (lead actress of "The Cosby Show"); actress Della Reese; astronaut, engineer and physician Dr. Mae Jemison; actress Shirley Jones; civil rights leaders Rosa Parks and Dr. Dorothy Height; tennis star Billie Jean King; faith leader Joyce Meyer; Senator Mary Landrieu; Academy-award winning actress Mo'Nique; Sesame Street creator Joan Ganz Cooney; restaurant entrepreneur Leeann Chin; singer Patti LaBelle; Nobel prize winner Dr. Rosalyn Yalow; and many other noteworthy women. 


Creator & Producer of PBS Television Program -- As a independent television producer, Joan Holman created and produced the award-winning public television program The Legacy of AchievementѢ with Dennis Kimbro (Dr. Kimbro is author with Napoleon Hill of the bestselling book, "Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice").

In addition to being broadcast throughout the United States on PBS stations, corporate training and educational versions of the Legacy of Achievement have also been created and are being sold in to corporations and educational institutions. This includes Disney, IBM, Dupont, the University of Colorado, the University of South Carolina, Northwest Airlines, high schools, and public libraries.

The Legacy of Achievement Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Joan Holman and dedicated to the creation of an educational library documenting the lives and lessons of great achievers of all races who exemplify positive characteristics and accomplishments. This library will be used in the development of television programs, audio-video materials, books, and other media programs. Legacy of Achievement programs present great role models to a wide audience, feature the best of the human spirit, need support from people who care about bringing positive role models to young people and all people through the media.

Joan Holman Provided Book Project Development Management, Art Direction for Book Cover Design Book Marketing, Naming and Branding and Website Development for Madame Alexandra's Rules of Business by successful entrepreneur Claude Roessiger.

MADAME ALEXANDRA'S RULES OF BUSINESS Shares The Remarkable Account of the Business Principles that The Proprietress of One of Paris's Most Highly-Regarded Business Establishments Used to Acquire A Fortune


Jan Moran, Entrepreneur, Fragrance & Beauty Expert, St. Martin's Press Author (Scent of Roses 2015) 

"Part non-fiction, part fiction, Madame Alexandras Rules for Business: The Enduring Principles of Business Success is an enchanting read. Roessigers prose flows like fine champagne: dry, refined, and effervescent.

As an entrepreneur, I found myself nodding as I read the brief, easily digestible passages, and smiling at Madame Alexandras clever tongue-in-cheek asides. Her advice is appropriate for any business and though her account is dated 1905, her business advice holds true today.

I found myself cheering for Madame Alexandra, a woman who ran a sophisticated business, valued her employees, and welcome her clients with the expertise of a diplomat. For the illegitimate child who, by her own intelligence, work ethic and investment strategy, came to own a quarter-mile of the most prized real estate on the Faubourg Saint-Honor in Paris, deserves a standing ovation.

Madame Alexandra dispenses advice on Education, Establishment, Integrity, Employees, Giving of Direction, Presentation, Accountancy, Investment of Capital, Manners of Commerce, Law, Comportment, Negotiation, Government, and Charity. As a thought leader, her opinions might have been the precursor to the modern MBA of today.

Roessiger brought the period to life through his lovely use of language and attention to detail. This little book would make a delightful gift for anyone who loves Paris and all things French.

I hope to read more from Claude Roessiger soon.

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